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Getting Started

Making the decision to invest in yourself is not one to be taken lightly. I provide information regarding my services and fees because being well informed helps both you and I as we establish our coaching partnership.  Please know that I value your time and the fact that you are considering working with me. Therefore, it is my practice to conduct a complimentary session with each potential client before any services are purchased. The coaching relationship is very personal. The complimentary session is the ideal way for us to "meet" and decide if working together is a fit, without any further obligation. During the complimentary session, we will discuss your needs and I will introduce you to my coaching style. Your complimentary session can be scheduled by contacting me directly via email

Services & Package Options


Often what keeps us stuck has more to do with the thoughts, assumptions and interpretations we make about the situations we find ourselves in than our inability to want to change.  The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a powerful tool which can be used to help understand just how we perceive the world around us and our role within it. The ELI shows us how we invest our energy in various aspects of our lives, including times of stress. The ELI provides tremendous insight into not only who you are, but also can help you see how even little shifts in your thinking can help you move closer to who you want to be. As an ELI Master Practitioner, I will provide a personalized review of your assessment results with you and discuss the ways which we can use these results to help you achieve your ultimate goal(s).  My fees cover the cost of the assessment itself ($60) plus our 60-90 minute review of your results (also referred to as the debrief) . All ELI clients will receive a copy of their individualized results. The ELI may be purchased as a stand alone service or may be purchased in conjunction with coaching sessions. 


This truly is the first step in investing in yourself. This is a great package for those new to coaching or those who have a specific short term goal that they wish to work toward. Clients interested in completing an ELI assessment and debrief may add it to their package for $99. 


The mid-level package is ideal for any client who believes that they need to focus on a goal or issue that is going to require some exploration that will take time, but can likely be accomplished in 3-6 months. Clients who opt for the mid-level package will not only receive 8 coaching sessions, but they will also benefit from:

  • 1  mini (15-20 minute) spot check session that can be used however the client deems best. This session is a great way for a client to check in with the coach regarding a specific action that the client had agreed to take

Clients interested in completing an ELI assessment and debrief may add it to their package for $99. 


If, after our complimentary session, you feel that you are ready to "dig deep" and to commit to a longer coaching relationship- this is the package for you. In addition to the 12, one hour sessions, clients also will be provided with:

  • ELI Assessment and Debrief

  • 2 mini (i.e., 15- 20 minute) spot check sessions. These can be used however the client deems best, but in the past have been used as a way to touch base on action items that were discussed during the previous session. These mini sessions are a great way to have extra accountability and to conquer any last minute doubt or fear that is popping up- preventing the client from taking action.  

  • Unlimited email access. 

*A 10% discount will be applied if payment is made in full.


Your time is valuable. Therefore, I have found that it is critical to meet the needs of my clients by thinking "outside of the box" and offering flexibility in my coaching style. Therefore, I have recently expanded my practice to include coaching by email. In order to be appropriate for this service,  individuals must be established clients (meaning the client must have already completed the basic package at a minimum).  Pros of email coaching are that it allows you to choose the time at which you wish to explore an issue or thought and that you can focus in closely on what is being said. Cons are that both of us lose the ability to gather information by hearing emotion in what is being said and that there is inevitably some delay in communications. Email coaching works well with clients who are self described introverts and those who like to have ample time to gather their thoughts.   Email coaching must be purchased by the month at a rate of $45/month 

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