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The Freedom in Letting Go

How often do we hold on to things that no longer meet our needs? Relationships, careers, clothes?

Why? What is it that we are afraid of?

Often times, the fear is rooted in comfort. We'd rather be miserable and know it, than be uncertain.

However, we need to re-examine how we look at letting go.

Here are 3 common misconceptions about letting go.

1. Letting Go Means Accepting Failure, Defeat...

I once had a client who said that she could never let go of her soul-sucking career because doing so meant that she had given up on herself. So my immediate question to her was "Is there a difference between 'letting go' and 'giving up'?" Her response was that she wasn't sure, but hearing the question from me, sure did make letting go sound more empowering.

I agree. Each of us has a choice regarding how we will live our lives and how much we are willing to tolerate. Once we realize the power that choice has, we can make conscious decisions about what it is we no longer wish to have in our lives. So, it's not failure. In fact, it's the exact opposite. When we choose to remove something from our lives, we are saying "I'm now making space for something else.".

2. Only Weak People Let Go...

Let's talk about what "weakness" really means for second. Those who we often describe as "weak" are really just those who allow themselves to be vulnerable. And you know what? Vulnerability is a sign of strength.

Think about this. When someone admits a struggle that they are dealing with, what is your response? Do you shame them? Do you laugh? No. The most natural response is to have empathy toward that person- to put yourself in their shoes.

We all have moments of vulnerability. Allow yourself to go there. Holding on to something that is too heavy to carry or that doesn't serve you, isn't strength- it's unnecessary.

3. If I Let Go, I May Miss Out

I had seen these four letters F-O-M-O in a lot of different social medial posts, blogs, articles, etc. I had no idea what FOMO actually meant until just recently. The Fear of Missing Out is real. So many people hold on to things simply because they are so darn afraid that if they let go, something is going to change and then they'll be the one who missed out!

Here's the thing. When we reach the point that we are seriously considering letting something go, it often means that we've held on to it a long time. It's not like overnight this thing suddenly isn't working for us. It's been a process, over a period of weeks, months, or even years. So, why, if after a prolonged time frame this thing isn't working, would our fear of missing out be valid?

It's time. Time to re-evaluate the things that you've attached yourself to. Are you ready?

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