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Who are my clients?

My typical clients are people who, quite frankly, "want more" out of life than they have been getting.  A significant number of my clients are moms who have gotten to mid-life and realized that they want to live the second half of their lives in a way that aligns more closely with what really matters to them.  It's not uncommon for my clients to report that they  feel "stuck" or "unfulfilled" in one or more of the following areas:

  • Career

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Health/Fitness/Self-Care

  • Relationship(s) with Spouse/Partner/Co-Workers or Self

How do I coach?

Much of the work that is done in a coaching session focuses on the perspective (or energy) that the client brings to the session. In the coaching relationship, my job is to help move a client from where they are now to who they want to be. Coaching is really about empowering the client. So much of what holds a person back from doing the things that they really want to do is fear. My job is to help you kick fear to the curb! 


Individual Coaching: Most individual client sessions take place via telephone or video. The period of time that we work together depends upon the client's needs. Because coaching is a very personal experience, I encourage anyone who is interested in working with me to schedule a complimentary consultation. During this session, we will have an opportunity to discuss the issue(s) that you'd like to be coached around and the various ways that we can work together. I find that there is no other way for someone to understand the value of coaching until they've experienced it.  Use the complimentary session to get a sense of my personal coaching style and to determine for yourself whether we would work well together.

Group Coaching: Group coaching typically involves between 4-10 individuals working toward a common goal. Sessions most often occur via video and are held weekly for a limited period of time (often 6 or 8 weeks). Those who participate in group coaching often like the additional sense of accountability that comes with also having to report back to peers.  In a group coaching session, one of my key tasks is to provide group members with tools and resources they can use between sessions to explore why they may or may not be making progress on a goal. I also use my expertise to encourage group members to empower each other. 

Why do I coach?

I coach because I believe that every person has the power to create the life that they want. That's the simple answer. The more complicated answer is that I have experienced first-hand the value that coaching has and I want to share that with as many people as I can. I feel honored that clients are willing to share their dreams and aspirations with me. And I feel humbled when, together, we unveil those thoughts that have held them back for so long. If I can be blunt, the truth of the matter is that being stuck sucks. No one likes to feel like their wheels are spinning and they're getting zero traction. However, the awesome thing that coaching helps bring to light is that whether one stays stuck or moves forward is entirely in the client's control!  There is nothing like watching a client reshape their perspective in order to free themselves from the vice grip of their own inner critic.

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